traditional paintings

Nothing can beat the charm of a good old oil on canvas! This section is dedicated to the Golden age gone by! Revel in the bold strokes and unique ideas of a truly artistic mind! 

LABYRINTH: Maybe I'm Crazy. Surreal Oil Painting of a skull, earth and human mindShadows In Blue. Watercolor and Gouache painting of a woman in spacePerpetual Motion. Watercolor painting expressing good and badTree. Black InkMount Ararat and Monastery of Khor Virap. Oil on canvasPeace, part 1. Watercolor and Gouache mosaic of butterflies© Copyright - Peace, part 2. Fantasy ArtSharks. Marine creature of half human and half sharkVision Through Fish Eye. Collage.Wheel of History. Cubisme

Paintings in Progress

Untitled project on the global shame of genocide: The smaller easel is the acrylic variant of the project whereas the larger canvas is the original oil creation.

Painting In Progress...Painting In Progress...Painting In Progress...Painting In Progress...Painting In Progress...