Olympianic is a Southern California sporting goods store specializing in equipment for women athletes. The company’s ideal clientele is both high-end and sporty, presenting a balance between refinement and strength.


This balance of two elements was the guiding concept behind our work, which takes the image of a flying bird of prey and puts it into focus with the addition of circular geometry.

Olympanic sports store logo
Logo process

To keep the design appealing to a high-end target customer, we focused on a two-tone, minimalist color palette. This elegant foundation allowed us to explore a blend of different elements, including the use of a detailed silhouette image. We created a logotype and icon for Olympianic, which we then used as part of a brand identity kit that includes letterhead, envelopes and business cards.

Olympianic Stationery
Olympianic Stationery closeup


The simple look of this project is just right for what Olympianic is all about. They wanted to get their message across in a sleek, stylish way that puts the focus on the product and the customer. The contrast of negative and positive space in the black and white design creates a crisp and striking visual identity for a brand that’s focused on strength and fitness for women who are serious about athletics. We captured elements like sans-serif typeface and a bird swooping down on its prey as a way of avoiding cliched imagery and font choice.

We are thrilled with Amberd’s work. They were able to take our ideas from a vague picture into a real result, and the finished product is exactly what we wanted. It was a little bit nerve-wracking to trust a designer to bring our vision to life, but Amberd’s talented team made each step of the process as simple and painless as possible. The final products are perfect for our business.

Olympianic Sports Store