Olympianic Sports Store

Olympianic is a Southern California sporting goods store. The company’s ideal clientele is both high-end and sporty, presenting a balance between refinement and strength.

Olympanic Eagle Logo Design
Olympanic Sports Store Eagle Logo Design

The Logo Design Process

Eagle Logo Design Process

Identity Design

To keep the design appealing to a high-end target customer, we focused on a two-tone, minimalist color palette. This elegant foundation allowed us to explore a blend of different elements, including the use of a detailed silhouette image. We created a logotype and icon for Olympianic, which we then used as part of a brand identity kit that includes letterhead, envelopes and business cards.

Olympianic Minimalist Stationery Design
Olympianic Minimalist Stationery Design. Close Up
Mountain Snow

Poster Graphics

Snowboarding 2
Snow Mountains
Sky High