About the Client

ITT Insurance provides auto, truck, home, contractors, business, and health insurance to clients throughout the Southern California region. They target a diverse range of customers with a variety of insurance needs.

Project Requirements

Amberd completed a full branding package for ITT Insurance, including logo, graphics, stationery, and website. The design work we completed is the foundation for many of the company’s client-facing materials.

ITT Insurance logo

Corporate Branding

The color scheme for ITT Insurance’s corporate branding focuses on a classic combination of red, white and black. Our work covers a variety of different presentational materials, including folders, business cards, stationery and pamphlets, all of which may be used for client correspondence.

The Outcome

The outcome of Amberd Design Studio’s work for Ellora Cosmetics is a stylish, easily recognizable set of graphics that translate well from format to format. Our logo makes the ideal basis from which to adapt a series of different elements that the client can use to identify itself to prospective customers and repeat clients. Blue, white and black are a classic color combo, but we were careful to choose a shade of blue that would project a sense of a current moment in time. The primary icon we created for Ellora Cosmetics uses a glamorous shade of blue to reflect the modern spirit of the company. We added circular graphics and gave the whole graphic a curved feel that helps the design stand out and catch the eye of shoppers who are looking for a high-end skincare experience.

Working with Amberd Studio was simple and pleasant from beginning to end. They listened to what we wanted and were willing to work with us to achieve our vision. Amberd took our feedback very professionally and gave us exactly the finished product we wanted. We have no hesitation in recommending these professionals to any company or business that needs a custom corporate identity and website created.

ITT Insurance