Mellbe is a one-stop-shop for Social Media Marketing needs. Located in Los Angeles, Mellbe offers consulting and content management services, including analytics, ad management and more.

Mellbe Logo

Logo and Icon Design

Intelligent. Wise. Fierce. Majestic. Pulling inspiration from one of the most regal birds of prey, our team created an icon that takes a minimalist approach with modern design, fully capturing the vision of Mellbe’s brand: to provide you with advice and wisdom to advance your business’s digital presence.

Mellbe Logo Design And Icon

Stationery Design

Using sleek, minimalist touches, Amberd took representations of the Mellbe business identity and molded these into an iconic symbol that catches the eye and keeps people talking. Drawing inspiration from the elements of their mission and vision, we created this logo to transcend all marketing platforms. The Mellbe ‘M’ boldly stands out in contemporary fashion on their business cards, stationery sets, and executive letterhead. The simplicity of the design easily integrates into the Mellbe name, bringing with it the wisdom and intellectual simplicity they offer their customers.

Mellbe Minimalist Business Cards
Mellbe Minimalist Business Card Design. Close Up
Mellbe Minimalist Letterhead Design
Mellbe Minimalist Letterhead And Envelope Design
Mellbe Flyer Design
Mellbe Mobile Friendly Website Design Portfolio

Website Desgin

The website design for Mellbe is focused on engagement and functionality. The company connects brands and creates shared interactions between their clients and their target markets. The resulting website uses the logo’s clean color pallet as a basis and combines form and function to engage visitors.





The Goal

As a professional service provider in the social media marketing industry, Mellbe needed to present a reliable, yet agile brand identity. We focused on a simple, clean presentation with key photographs to reflect Mellbe’s minimalist design guidelines.

The Outcome

The result of Amberd’s work for Mellbe is a polished, clean brand identity that can be used across a variety of media. Our designs provide a clear visual point of reference that instantly communicates the reliability and agility of Mellbe. It sets a clean, simple aesthetic tone for the brand.