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Boost your sales and rankings now!

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the content of a website, an online standalone page, or a blog through a mix of naturally incorporated, commonly queried keywords and inbound links from other topical, authoritative websites. Social signals, website speed, security, and good content also play a role in SEO.

What Is Seo?
The Seo Benefits. (Seo Los Angeles)

What are the SEO benefits?

Through Search Engine Optimization, you get found by the right people for the right reasons. SEO improves exposure by ensuring that your content is pulled by search engines when people type a related query.

It also improves the on-site experience of your prospects to drive more conversions and revenue, building your brand and presence!

More SEO benefits are outlined below.

SEO packages and Pricing

Below are our best-seller packages, we can also customize each package to your requirements. Contact us for further information.

Level 1

The Basic SEO package is tailored for small websites. This package is recommended if you are just getting started with digital marketing.

Best Seller
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Internal/External Link Building
  • Speed Optimization
  • 100 keywords
  • Standard analytics reporting
  • Copywriting $0.10 per word

Level 2

Recommended for medium size websites including small eCommerce-based sites. It guarantees more features and faster results.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Internal/External Link Building
  • Speed Optimization
  • Local Targeting
  • Basic Security Patches
  • 200 keywords
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting $0.10 per word
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Standard analytics reporting

Level 3

This is an SEO powerhouse! Recommended for large websites including eCommerce websites and websites with special functionality.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Internal/External Link Building
  • Speed Optimization
  • Local Targeting
  • Advanced Security Patches
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting $0.10 per word
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Social Boost
  • AI-powered recommendations
  • Detailed analytics

Organic SEO

Through the strategic use of high traffic keywords in text and meta-descriptions, by the creation of quality and informative content to win backlinks, and through the generation of social traction, we help Los Angeles-based businesses show up on the first page of search engine results and secure clicks, all without paying for ads. This is an organic search engine optimization!

of all searchers click on the organic search results.
of the links searchers click on are organic.
of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
of companies expect to increase their SEO budget.

Local optimization

If you operate within a specific geographic region, local SEO helps you target prospects by zip codes, location-based keywords, and transactional queries to reach those who are most likely to buy.

Example: Barber Shop Los Angeles.

How does this work?

We implement Google Maps, optimize your Google My Business account, keep your on-site content and contact information up-to-date, do local directory citations and other best practices to rank you locally.

The best SEO Los Angeles by Amberd's marketing professionals.

Our analytics process

1. Website Audit and Testing

We perform an exhaustive website audit to understand your site, identify potential data transfer issues, and create an implementation plan that works.

2. Analytics Setup and Configuration

We choose the landing pages and site sections that should be monitored and install the tracking code while maintaining compatibility with existing technologies.

3. Post Installation Testing

After the implementation plan is executed, we run final tests to make sure that site data are being tracked and documented correctly.

4. Conversions and Goals

We select strategic site goals that align with your business objectives and set them up for concrete conversion tracking and monetization.

5. Solutions and Strategies

If results are not up to your expectations, we evaluate your entire funnel to provide solutions and strategies to boost your performance.

Keyword research

We interview you to understand your niche and your focus. Keywords can be query-based, informational, or transactional. We note your preferences and then research high-traffic, low-competition keywords that suit your needs. The end product of this stage is a comprehensive report that lists potential queries by traffic, competitiveness, and business relevance.

Competition research

We scrutinize brands in your niche that are performing better than yours in search engine results. Our team scans relevant pages, PPC advertisements, and social media footprints to gather keywords that can guide optimization and content strategy. This report is merged with the report generated in the previous step to create a final listing.

Content strategy

Using what we know about your brand and the keyword research data mined in the previous two steps, we evaluate the effectiveness of your content. Is there too little text? Can you add a few relevant pages? Do you need visual content? This makes your brand and your site engaging, informative, and search engine friendly.

On-site optimization

In this step, we test all the on-site ranking factors for your web presence, such as the keyword density of your content, strategic keyword use in meta-data and anchor text, page load time, transition effects, logical flow of site elements, URL structure, mobile responsiveness, and 200-plus other considerations.

Off-site optimization

Here, off-site ranking factors like the number of inbound links you have secured, your distribution of outbound links, and social integration are put under scrutiny. The team notes anomalies comparing your link profile to that of your competitors and proposes steps that can be taken to catch up with other market players.

Conversion rates

The team compiles conversion rates from your existing web presence, consults your business objectives to set new goals, and then proposes targeted changes to on-site optimization factors, website design, the logic of element placement, and Call-to-Action color and copy to encourage prospects to sign-up, subscribe, and purchase. The focus here is on one specific, high-value action.


We integrate the Google Analytics suite with your site to continuously monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like engagement rate, on-page dwell time, bounce rate, and goal conversion rates for the creation of actionable, custom reports. This information is then used to improve prospect experiences, boost traffic and revenue, and fix lead leaks.

We use only white-hat techniques!

Search Engine Optimization comprises a body of rules. And where there are rules, there are penalties for flouting them. We leverage only search engine-approved “White-Hat” optimization techniques that do not involve malpractices like keyword stuffing, reciprocal links, and cloaking that are deemed punishable or “Black-Hat” and undermine your credibility.

SEO Los Angeles

Special Discounts

Los Angeles-based businesses qualify for our local discounts program. Please contact us for more details and mention the magic word “SEO Los Angeles”

Even more benefit


Increase In Sales

Through strategic optimization, pages get found more often for transactional queries and sales skyrocket.

Increase Site Traffic

We research popular keywords relevant to your business and optimize them for increased traffic.

Brand Awareness

Through the use of specific niche keywords, we associate you with popular queries improving brand awareness.

Be Authoritative

We optimize your content, giving it exposure and turning you into an industry authority.
Your listing can be found on top of the first page of the search engines, which can bring click-through rates of 60% higher than other listings, even the sponsored ones.
You can generate up to 35% more leads and queries than ANY other form of paid marketing.

Related services

To take advantage of the full power of Internet Marketing by combining any or all of these related services.

Make sure your foundation is strong before thinking about Internet Marketing. If your website is not built properly and is not strong enough, you will lose money on SEO.

Improve your Local SEO in Los Angeles and beyond. This service targets potential clients in your area and sends traffic to your physical store and website.

We can help you define smart, realistic goals for your social platforms and grow your social presence and brand awareness.

We’ll create rich meaningful content presented in an attractive manner that can help your business gain more visibility online.

I was looking for an Internet Marketing agency near me and found Amberd Design Studio on Yelp. Based on the highly recommended reviews and the case studies they have provided, I have decided to go with them. I am very satisfied with the quick results and highly recommend them.


They really do what they advertise! The traffic to our website has doubled and the sales are just coming in ever since we have started doing SEO services with Amberd. The prices are also fair compared to the previews SEO company we had.

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