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Web Design Los Angeles

Top rated on Clutch for Web Design in Los Angeles

Our stellar web design services have helped dozens of businesses develop quality, lead-generating websites. We can create a powerful site for businesses of any size in any industry.


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Affordable Pricing

Quality Work

Our successful process

Web Design

Website Planning

We plan your website before building it. We understand your business goals and problems and create a blueprint of site features and elements.

Layout and Design

We work from the blueprint, choosing a layout and design that will best serve the objectives outlined in the planning stage.

Features, Functionality, and Goals

We finalize the features and functionalities of the site based on what is technically possible and assign a goal to each page.

Usability and Accessibility

We leverage user reviews, glance tests, and engagement scores to determine how easily visitors can navigate, engage with and access your site.

Search Engine Friendly

We do functionality and speed tests, navigability, search bot crawlability, and good user experience for a search–engine-friendly presence.

Speed Optimized

When you opt-in for our speed optimization services, we will ensure your website loads fast on mobile and desktop. Keep in mind that 1 sec. delay reduces the conversation rate by 7%.

Bundle domain and hosting services

Take advantage of our supporting services such as Domain Names, Hosting, SSL Certificates, Business Emails and more…

Special Savings

That’s right, we do offer several web design discount options for our customers.

Local, Web Design Los Angeles Discounts

For local businesses, we offer a Web Design Los Angeles discount. Spend $2,000 or more and save $100. And, we include a complimentary speed optimization with new WordPress-based websites.

Non-Los Angeles Discounts

For businesses based outside of Los Angeles, we offer a complimentary speed and security optimization for WordPress-based websites when you spend $2,000 or more on a new website.

Referral Discounts

For every successful referral that converts, you get a $50 discount on your next assignment.

* View the discount terms here.

Web Design Los Angeles. Portfolio.

Web Design Los Angeles

We create beautiful mobile-friendly websites with the latest technology. We use industry-leading CMS platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and many other solitons. In addition to CMS-based websites, we also hand-code static HTML websites from scratch.

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The type of websites we build


We build professional Informational websites to help small businesses showcase their products and services.

eCommerce Websites

Sell your products directly through your website, letting you reach entirely new customers.


Connect with your audience through regular blog posts and articles, whether they’re personal or corporate.

Portfolio Websites

Showcase your best work for potential clients and employers with a professional portfolio website.

The tools and systems we use


Have a website that uses the world’s most popular and intuitive content management system, WordPress.


Built for eCommerce websites Shopify’s platform makes it easy to build and manage online stores!


Squarespace is perfect for portfolios and provides an all-in-one solution such as domains, shopping tools and more.

Custom HTML Websites

We also build custom websites with unique design, layouts and features that fit with your specific business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to build a website?

There is no fixed price to build a website since each project is based on your specific needs and requirements.

At the beginning of every project, we’ll have you fill out a form to help us understand your project and get the appropriate quote.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes, we do revisions until the client is 100% satisfied and the job is considered closed or done.

What if I need re-design or website maintenance in the future?

We can help you with that too! We offer comprehensive website maintenance and redesign services for our clients. We optimize speed and security, catch bugs, and ensure that your website receives regular updates to maximize its effectiveness.

How is web design service different from online website builders?

Free site builders like Wix may seem appealing because they’re cheaper, but they come at a cost. You lose speed, security, SEO, design limitations, and all of the features you can find with options like WordPress or custom websites.

For businesses, these site builders should be avoided at all costs.

Why should I choose Amberd Design Studio?

We have an extensive portfolio that includes a wide range of satisfied clients. Awards and client testimonials also point to our quality work, with a 100% customer satisfaction rating on Yelp, Google, Facebook, YellowPages, and Clutch.

Feel free to browse our portfolio to get a glimpse of the caliber of work we provide.

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