Special Discounts

Local Discounts for Los Angeles-based businesses

A special 10% discount offer and 1000 Free business cards with a purchase of $1000 or more made by Los Angeles-based companies. *

Student Discounts

Amberd Design Studio is keen to assist LA’s student community with various creative and entrepreneurial endeavors. The special student discount currently applies to the colleges listed below and will soon be expanded to include other institutions. A valid student ID is a must!

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Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles City College

Based in Hollywood, the sophisticated and savvy Los Angeles City College offers vocational programs and lifelong learning opportunities. Its students are known for their independence and their entrepreneurial spirit, and they can benefit from Amberd Design Studio’s discount offers introduced especially for them. *

Glendale Community College

Glendale Community College

Amberd Design Studio is glad to extend special discounts to the students of Glendale Community College, a friendly, equal-opportunity educational institute. We aim to encourage a strong creative streak in its students by offering to help with their projects. *

Pasadena City College

Pasadena Community College

Combining the last two years of high school with the first two years of college, PCC is all about solidarity. Being a part of LA’s design and development sphere, we salute this sentiment by offering special discounts for students undertaking important assignments. *

* Discount Terms

  • The discount is offered ONLY once per business, customer or student.
  • The amount spent must be $1000.00 or more to qualify for the discount.
  • The $1000 have to be spent on website design, re-design and Internet Marketing services to qualify for the discount.
  • LA-based businesses must have a physical address to qualify. LA-based online stores/services do not qualify.
  • The students must have valid Student ID to qualify.

We also offer a scholarship program to selective colleges and universities. Click here for more information.