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Storm the web with immediate results!

Know the PPC benefits from the beginning!

Immediate results

One of the biggest benefits of PPC marketing is that you get results right away. This is perfect for flash sales, special events, and raising awareness.

Sales Growth

See a real impact on sales and growth with PPC marketing. Paid advertising connects you with customers who are ready to purchase right now.

Traffic Increase

Boost your website traffic by promoting your brand on relevant search results, helping generate more leads, and growing your brand awareness.

PPC Marketing Los Angeles

Local Discounts

Los Angeles-based businesses can take advantage of our local discounts “PPC Marketing Los Angeles”. Please click below to request a quote and learn more about our discount offers.

Our PPC Marketing process

We have helped many small businesses in Los Angeles and beyond with PPC Marketing and Management services, we can help you too! Below is a brief outline of our process.

Google Marketing Setup

1. Campaign setup

We start by setting up your campaign. Our Los Angeles-based Google Ads experts set up a campaign that works for your business with relevant ad groups, keywords, and targeting.

2. Competitor analysis

To get an idea of what we’re working against, we do a thorough audit of what your competitors are doing. This helps your campaign appeal more to your customers against other ads.

3. Keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of a search campaign. By seeing what your audience is looking for, we can come up with a more targeted campaign.

Keyword Targeting

4. Keyword targeting

Once we have a wide range of keywords, we begin targeting. This lets your campaign not only reach the right customers but reaches them when they’re ready to convert.

5. Content strategy

Once we’ve done the research, we use smart content strategies to drive sales by highlighting your unique selling points and through strong calls to action.

6. Landing page analysis and adjustments

One of the toughest parts of the PPC process is the landing page scheme. We make sure your visitors land on a web page that communicates your brand, helping land that sale.

Ppc Los Angeles

7. Call-to-action creation

Effective calls-to-action are essential for getting customers to click your ad. Once they’re on the landing page, it’s even more vital to provide a clear CTA.

8. On-page and technical SEO

SEO isn’t just about organic traffic. It helps with PPC marketing by creating a faster page, optimizing content, and enhancing the user experience, helping boost conversion rates.

9. Ad extension setup

When running your PPC campaign, we also set up ad extensions to increase visibility, provide relevant customer propositions, and boost ad performance.

Ppc Marketing Los Angeles

10. Campaign performance testing and adjustments

Once your campaign has been set up, we constantly tweak, adjust, and improve to make sure that your ad performance increases over time.

11. Analytics and tracking

Our ability to analyze and track your campaign will give us the knowledge to improve ad performance. We sift through the numbers to understand how your campaign is performing.

12. On-going monitoring and adjustments

We only stop working on your campaign when it’s done. By continuously monitoring your PPC marketing, we can make the necessary adjustments to keep your ad performance up.

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