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Don’t expect anything original from an echo!

What we do

Amberd Design Studio, based in Los Angeles, California, offers creative and affordable logo design services. We are armed with traditional artists, illustrators, and graphic designers to create a logo that will speak to your brand’s value.

Questions? Call: (818) 572-7674

Logo Design In Los Angeles

Logo design prices and packages

The prices are determined by the type of logo you select.

01. The minimal

Best suited for businesses looking for basic word-based logos. No icons or graphics are included!

  • 7 revisions / concepts
  • Very simple and minimalist design
  • Quality work
  • Smooth vector illustrations
  • Web and print formats
  • Editable source file
  • No clip art or stock graphics!
  • Copyright transfer document
  • How to use – explanation file

02. The symbolic

Compared to The Minimal package, The Symbolic includes Icons, graphics, or symbols.

  • * Unlimited revisions
  • More advanced and professional logo design
  • Quality work
  • Smooth vector illustrations
  • Web and print formats
  • Editable source file
  • No clip art or stock graphics!
  • Copyright transfer document
  • How to use – explanation file

03. The illustrative

The Illustrative package includes very detailed, complex illustrations and graphics.

The Ultimate Logo you get!
  • * Unlimited revisions
  • Premium quality work. The best logo design work you are going to get!
  • Quality work
  • Smooth vector illustrations
  • Web and print formats
  • Editable source file
  • No clip art or stock graphics!
  • Copyright transfer document
  • How to use – explanation file

04. The identity PLUS


This is the most powerful and advanced package. It includes a very detailed illustrative logo or a mascot design plus extra features noted below.

What it Includes:

  • Very detailed illustrative or mascot-type logo design
  • Brand guide- Including colors, fonts, and more…
  • A mockup design – Showcasing the logo on Instagram and other platforms.
  • Pattern Design. (Depending on the logo’s design style)
  • * Unlimited revisions / concepts
  • Smooth vector illustrations
  • Web and print formats
  • Editable source file
  • No clip-art or stock graphics!
  • Copyright transfer document
  • How to use explanation file
Extra Add-ons
Minimalist Stationery Design Services

Add any of the blow stationery design services to your logo design order to give your business a more professional look!

  • Business card design – Starting at $75
  • Letterhead design – Starting at $80
  • Envelope design – Starting at $70
  • Folder design – Starting at $150
  • Brochure design – Starting at $250

Questions? Call: (818) 572-7674

Popular types of logos we create

The logos below are of popular brands that have been used as examples. We do not claim to have created them and do not hold any rights to them.

Ck Logo


This type of logo design combines your initials or those of your business with artistic flair. Not only does it make for an easily remembered symbol, but it also carries the added benefit of associating your brand with an acronym or abbreviation that can act as a mnemonic device for consumers.

Calvin Klein’s internationally recognizable symbol utilizes this design in the simple initials CK.

Coca-Cola Wordmark

Wordmark or Type-Based

The Coca-Cola wordmark is one of the most easily recognizable emblems in the world. The free-flowing motif stands for Coca Cola’s sense of freedom and innovation. The vibrant red hue reflects the “sunny” nature of the brand known as the world’s maker of “happy moments.” The curlicues and intertwining calligraphic font further enhance the message that “Coca-Cola brings people together.


Icons, Badges, Emblems, and Symbols

Few symbols have more conceptual context than those found in icons or other emblems. They can be employed to inspire emotion, devotion, and even feelings of affinity. Volkswagen combines encircled and abstracted letters into a form that hearkens to the profile of their vehicles for a memorable and unique badge unlike any other.



Mascots can be based on virtually any form, including animals, vegetables, minerals, and even elements. They are often synonymous with a culturally relevant concept like bravery, luck, or honor, and are seen as charms that impart beneficial qualities to their wearers. A good example of this type of symbolism is the jaguar associated with the Jackson, Florida football team that also inspired the group’s moniker.

Farmer John

Illustrative, Graphic, or Combination Mark

Illustrative icons are those that represent modern art in motion, often referred to as kinetic. It uses the perception of depth, movement, or transition to combine more than one visual element. The Farmer John mark provides an effective example of this, which features the representation of a farmer in front of distant green fields, bounded at the bottom by a banner proclaiming the company name and date of origin.

Logo Design Process

Gathering information

Learning about your company and logo design requirements are very critical to give you the logo you want! For this reason, we send you a comprehensive questionnaire to fill out that will assist us during the design process.

Research and analyzation

Next, we summarize this information and supplement the gaps with our research into the industry. We also follow the logo design trends to analyze popular logos to note concept, typeface, and color.

Concepts and finalization

Then comes the brainstorming! Our team shortlists and creates sample concepts. We send these samples to the client for evaluation. We also assist the client with the selection process and revisions if requested. Then we finalize the final logo and send you all the high-quality files!

Logo Design Branding Guidelines
Logo Design Before And After

Retouching process

We interview the client to understand the process that has led to the decision for a re-launch.

Next, we select the components from the existing design that can be integrated into the new one. This aids brand recall.

Then we move on to experimenting with the primary colors, the accent colors, and the fonts of the new emblem to be created.

Finally, the concept is presented to the client for review. We make quick changes as and when requested.

Logo Design Services in Los Angeles, California

We have been creating awesome logos since 2010, and we do not outsource any work; all the logo designs are created by our Los Angeles-based logo designers. We have also been rated number 1 on Google and Yelp for Logo Design in Los Angeles, California.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to design a logo?

For most of our packages, you can expect to have the results of our development process within three to four business days.

However, detailed work such as mascots and Illustrative logos are generally ready within four to five business days, though complexity can result in longer turnaround times for any category. If this is the case, you will be notified ahead of time.

How can I trademark/copyright my logo?

We do not provide trademark or copyright services because this is outside the scope of our service. Instead, consult a legal professional who specializes in copyright law.

However, at the end of the service, we provide a signed document stating that we pass you all the rights to the logo design. Please note that this document does not give you legal copyright. You will need to attain that separately.

Which file format is the best for logo design?

It all depends on the use case.

We recommend using .png or SVG for websites. For small-size printing, we recommend using the .pdf format. For future edits or large-format printing, we recommend using the .eps and .ai formats; these are the original file formats.

Upon request, we can also provide different formats not noted here.

We do not recommend using .jpg or .jpeg for logos in any case. Please read our blog post about How and When to Use Different Image Formats for more information.

Will I be updated on the process of my order?

Yes, we can keep you updated and even assign you a dedicated project manager based in Los Angeles, California. Constant communication with a dedicated specialist can improve outcomes and keep you worry-free.

Can I use LLC or Inc. on my logo design?

This is a big NO!

Avoid including legal terms like LLC or Inc. in your logo design. These terms are typically used on your business’s legal documents and the copyright section of your website. Using them on your logo is a common mistake made by small businesses, and it can negatively impact the professional image of your brand. Look at major companies like Target, Microsoft, and Adobe – you won’t find these legal terms on their logos!

If I have my own idea, can it be used?

At Amberd Design Studio, our exceptional communication skills enable us to engage effectively with our clients. We warmly embrace any suggestions or perspectives that may enhance your ultimate design. Your input will always be valued.

Furthermore, our Los Angeles-based logo designers and artists will present you with distinctive concepts in addition to your own ideas. This ensures you have a wide range of options when selecting the most suitable image for your brand.

Do you outsource any design work?

No, we don’t. All our designers are in-house and we are based in Los Angeles, CA.

Are all your logo designs custom made?

Yes, we create custom logo designs from scratch and do not use any premade graphics. We cater to the unique needs and preferences of each client. We believe in creating original, tailored designs that accurately reflect brand identity and messaging. Our dedicated team of designers ensures that every logo is crafted with precision and creativity, guaranteeing a distinctive and memorable brand mark.

Why should I trust you with my logo design project?

Amberd Design Studio has been providing high-quality logo design services in Los Angeles since 2010, and the years of experience have given us many awards and great reviews online.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate on Yelp, Google, Facebook, YellowPages, Clutch for Logo Design in Los Angeles, and many other services.

Our portfolio speaks for itself, so please check out our work before ordering a logo from us.

In addition to all of this, our graphic designers are also talented traditional artists, which sets us apart from most competitors! Traditional art is the key to better visual design.

What is next after my logo design is ready?

Once you’ve got your logo, you’ll want to make sure to use it in the right places. We offer several services that incorporate your logo, including web design, stationery design, and other graphic design services.

Make use of your logo as part of a broader, integrated campaign for maximum impact.

Logo Design Quote

Amberd offers custom logo design in Los Angeles, California. Click below to request a Free quote.

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