Some clients come to us in need of a logo only. We’re happy to oblige these requests; no project is too small for us. Our design approach follows the same careful process for projects of any size. In each of these examples, we carefully consider the client’s business, target audience and performance goals to guide our logo design efforts.

Initial-based or Wordmark

Text is a powerful aesthetic tool, and we let it speak for itself in these projects. Each one projects has its own unique character without the use of complex graphics.

Initial logos and wordmarks

Icons, Badges and Symbols

These logos put the graphics front and center, following a classic layout that features a distinctive icon to represent the brand and provide instant recognition for customers and clients.

Icons, badges and symbols

Hybrid Illustrative

These balanced logos show that text and image can work beautifully when given equal weight. These designs use both elements for a seamless harmony between icon graphics and brand name.

Illustrative and graphic logos

Let Us Create the Logo of Your Dreams

Like what you see? Contact Amberd today and tell us what you’d like to see for your own corporate identity. Whether you want a logotype, icon or hybrid style, we’ll produce the results you desire.