Website maintenance Los Angeles

Website maintenance services

We provide website maintenance services, including fixing bugs and errors, formatting for the most common browsers and mobile devices, fresh content updates, and system-wide backups to prevent data loss.

Website security services

Website security services

We offer comprehensive website security services. While no business can be completely safe from cyber attacks, we make sure to maximize security and minimize your risk of attacks.

The service highlights are:

  • Secure login and admin area
  • Hardening of the core files
  • Updating of outdated theme, plugin and system files
  • Setting up and SSL certificate
  • Securing the website against hackers, viruses and malware
  • Continues monitoring and updating
  • and more…

Why website security should be your main priority

Every day, tens of thousands of websites get attacked and infected with malware. For businesses, this could mean losing millions of dollars in data, lost business, and website repairs. By prioritizing website security, you make your website more resistant to these types of attacks.

Website redesign services

If your website is outdated, or your business is rebranding, we offer redesign services. You can get a fully redesigned website that meets your business’s needs.

  • Use up-to-date technology to turn your visitors into customers
  • Have an attractive, modern and beautiful website design
  • Mobile and user-friendly experience
  • Gorgeous graphics optimized for 5K and retina displays
  • and more…
website redesign
Website speed optimization

Website speed optimization

Sloppy code, uncompressed images, or clunky WordPress themes can slow your website down, turning visitors away. We can help optimize your website and bring it back up to speed.

Why should you speed optimize your website?

  • Speed is a ranking factor
  • Users love fast loading websites
  • Faster websites improve your leads and conversion rate
of people will leave your site if the page doesn't load quickly.

Contact us to request a free speed optimization test.

We support and maintain the following systems only!

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Custom HTML solutions

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Payment Options


Pay-as-you go

When you need an immediate update to your site, or only need a few changes at a time, you don't have to commit to a monthly fee. You can pay-as-you-go to get the most out of our services.


We can calculate your monthly fees based on the scope and project requirements, and you can pay on a monthly basis. Then you can sit back while we perform the necessary website maintenance tasks.