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In business, it has long been the adage that more people means more money. When it comes to your company’s website, this means more people have to actually stay on your site, rather than in your store.

It is estimated that the average customer will check back on a site, ultimately visiting up to FIVE times before they choose to make a purchase.

So, is your website losing customers before they ever give your company a chance?

Let’s review the infographic below to find the answer to this important question.

Why People Leave Your Website And Why You Lose Leads – Infographic

So, why do people leave your website and how is that causing you to lose leads?

According to recent marketing studies:

  1. 51% of people polled stated that the most common information missing from a business website is how to contact them.
  2. If your website lacks contact information, you could lose up to 44% of potential customers.
  3. 38% of individuals will ignore a website if the content is presented in an unattractive manner.
  4. 39% of people say that they will leave your site if the page doesn’t load quickly.
  5. 66% of online consumers stated that they would prefer a webpage that is visually attractive.
  6. If your company doesn’t give a clear direction of their goal or what they do, this can be bad. In fact, 46% of people said they would leave a page if they couldn’t readily tell what the purpose of the company is or does.

How to keep people on your page?

  • Make what your company does into a clear message on your page.
  • Streamline your site and make it attractive and easy to navigate.
  • Upgrade your website from time to time to keep it fresh with a modern feel.
  • Optimize your website for speed and performance.

Isn’t it time to maximize your website’s monetization through client engagement? Stunning sites, with quick response times that give just enough information to make a selection are quickly becoming the new norm.

People want to read less and see more. Give your clients exactly what they want with winning graphics and the right content.

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