eCoffee is a coffee shop and internet cafe that provides a comfortable place for its customers to check email, work and engage in other digital pursuits while enjoying delicious coffee.

Ecoffee Logo Design
Product Design For Ecoffee
Stationery Design For Ecoffee
Custom Coffee Bag Design
Coffee Beans
Coffee Cup Design
Coffee Logo Cup
Coffee Shop

Logo Design

The logo of eCoffee was born out of a combination of forms. The letter “e,” coffee beans and the curve of a coffee cup all merged into a clean marriage of forms.

Coffee Logo Process

Product Design

In addition to creating an icon and logo, we made a series of product packaging and coffee shop accessory options for the client to use while serving customers.

Vintage Style

We wanted to capture elements of the vintage era and mid-century modern sensibility for this project. Our graphics are clean and contemporary while also nodding to mod lines and forms.

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