About the Client

eCoffee is a coffee shop and internet cafe that provides a comfortable place for its customers to check email, work and engage in other digital pursuits while enjoying delicious coffee.

Project Requirements

We were tasked with creating a brand identity that captures eCoffee’s foundational focus on coffee and cafe culture. For this project, Amberd developed a distinctive logo with stationery and product packaging.

eCoffee logo

The Logo Design Process

This logo was born out of a combination of forms. The letter “e,” coffee beans and the curve of a coffee cup all merged into a clean marriage of forms.

Coffee logo process

Product Design

In addition to creating an icon and logo, we made a series of product packaging and coffee shop accessory options for the client to use while serving customers.

eCoffee product design
Full branding stationery for eCoffee

The Vintage Collection

We wanted to capture elements of the vintage era and mid-century modern sensibility for this project. Our graphics are clean and contemporary while also nodding to mod lines and forms.

coffee bag design
Vintage cup
eCoffee logo cup
Internet shop cup

The Outcome

The result of Amberd’s work for eCoffee is a polished, clean graphic that anchors a variety of different branding products that the company can use in a variety of situations. Our designs provide a clear visual point of reference that automatically identifies eCoffee and sets a sophisticated aesthetic tone for the brand. In particular, the clean lines, vintage inspiration, and distinctive shape of the eCoffee icon gives the client a range of options for their approach to branding. Whether printed on cardboard coffee cup sleeves, adapted to a stamp for paper to-go cups, printed on ceramic cups and teapots or emblazoned at the top of the company’s letterhead, our work stands out as an instantly recognizable symbol for the client. In abstracting and adapting essential symbols for what eCoffee stands for, we created the ideal icon to anchor and amplify the business in the minds of current and future customers.

coffee beans