About the Client

Tamer Guirguis is a solo practitioner accountant who operates out of Los Angeles. Mr. Guirguis came to our studio in need of an identity kit to set his business apart.

Project Requirements

We created a minimalistic logo along with stationery, stamp, and door sign to give Tamer Guirguis a cohesive, carefully designed and professional visual presentation for his accounting business.

Tamer. G minimalist logo
Tamer Guirguis accounting stationery
Minimalist business cards
Name sign
Minimalist symbole logo

The Outcome

The geometric icon design we developed for Mr. Guirguis uses a square as the formal basis for a design that resembles the look of a classical meander border. As a subtle detail, the design for this icon obliquely resembles the combined forms of the letters T and G, forming the client’s initials. We wanted to project a sense of professionalism and balance for this accounting business as a way of giving clients an immediate visual symbol of Mr. Guirguis’ professional competency. The stylishly minimal color palette we chose lets the strong visuals of the logotype and icon stand out against stark white or black backgrounds, giving the product a chance to shine and stand out so anyone who sees it will take notice. We also gave Mr. Guirguis the option of using some gold-accented identity items to help his name and professional title shine and grab the attention of any potential clients.

I had a great experience working with Amberd. I saw their posts on LinkedIn and knew they were the right team to create my business identity. I messaged them right away, asking them to create a minimalist business card and a logo for my accounting business. The result was amazing! I liked the look of these initial projects so much I went back and asked Amberd to create the graphics for my door sign, stamp, and stationery. The finished product is exactly what I hoped it would be. I highly recommend Amberd for your branding needs!

Tamar Guirguis