Laqué Nail Bar

Laqué Nail Bar is a stylish salon offering boutique manicure services. The company provides high-end beauty services to a discerning clientele who expect the best from their nail salons.

Laqué Nail Bar Logo
Laque And Laque'D Logo Design
Stationery Design For Laque Nail Bar
Custom Black Business Cards For Laque Nail Bar
Tri-Fold Menu Design For Laque Nail Bar
Modern Envelope Design For Laque Nail Bar


Business Logotype

The simple logo for Laqué Nail Bar captures the glamorous elegance of the salon and its customers. The stark white on black embraces modern luxury while the thin, refined typeface recalls classic feminine beauty. Though simple, the logotype has a strong visual impact.

Product Logotype

The logo for the Laquéd product line builds on the foundation of simple sans serif tex to create a slight variation on a theme, making all of the client’s products recognizable as their very own. We played with proportion in this product line version to create a sense of action.


The stationery for Laqué Nail Bar expands the polished, fashionable look of the corporate identity to include letterhead and envelopes in stark black and white with a strong pop of yellow.

Custom Business Cards

Laqué Nail Bar’s business cards needed a special twist to stand out from the crowd, so we chose black and yellow colors, allowing the delicate white logotype to grab the viewer’s attention.


These envelopes subvert tradition in a sophisticated way, adding unexpected details that embrace the artistry and modern approach of the salon itself. The combination of black, white and yellow is both timeless and fresh.

Menu Design

A salon’s menu is one of its most essential marketing materials, and our design is both simple and detailed, enticing clients with a chic font and easy-to-read layout for Laqué Nail Bar’s services.

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Website Design For Laque Nail Bar

The goal of the website was to create a minimalist and mobile-friendly website to represent their business. Please click below to see the live website.