Ellora Cosmetics

Ellora Cosmetics is a boutique skincare company that focuses on organic, all-natural ingredients to nurture and care for the skin without the addition of harsh chemicals or inorganic additives.

Ellora Cosmetics Logo
Ellora Cosmetics Logo Design Cover
Minimalist And Modern Business Cards For Ellora Cosmetics
Minimalist And Modern Stationery Design For Ellora Cosmetics
Product And Packaging Design For Ellora Cosmetics
Cosmetics Label Design

Logo Design

The logo we created for Ellora Cosmetics uses a glamorous shade of blue to reflect the modern spirit of the company. We added circular graphics and gave the whole logo a curved feel that helps the design stand out and catch the eye of shoppers who are looking for a high-end skincare experience.

Corporate Identity

We’ve also created a corporate identity kit that includes a letterhead and business card design. We used the signature Ellora Cosmetics blue as a background upon which white carves the logo graphic “e” as a negative space. The contrast of blue and white is striking and is balanced out by the addition of black details in other parts of the design.

Product Packaging

Product packaging is an essential element of a skincare line’s presentation, and we translated the curved forms of the logo into eye-catching minimalist label designs for Ellora Cosmetics’ bottles and jars. The blue color and prominent letter “e” of the logo stand out beautifully against a stark white label background.

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