About the Client

Ellora Cosmetics is a boutique skincare company that focuses on organic, all-natural ingredients to nurture and care for the skin without the addition of harsh chemicals or inorganic additives.

Project Requirements

We were tasked with creating a complete brand identity for this startup skincare company, including a logo that we used for product packaging designs, letterhead and business cards.

Ellora cosmetics product design

The Outcome

The outcome of Amberd Design Studio’s work for Ellora Cosmetics is a stylish, easily recognizable set of graphics that translate well from format to format. Our logo makes the ideal basis from which to adapt a series of different elements that the client can use to identify itself to prospective customers and repeat clients. Blue, white and black are a classic color combo, but we were careful to choose a shade of blue that would project a sense of a current moment in time. The primary icon we created for Ellora Cosmetics uses a glamorous shade of blue to reflect the modern spirit of the company. We added circular graphics and gave the whole graphic a curved feel that helps the design stand out and catch the eye of shoppers who are looking for a high-end skincare experience.

Launching a new product line isn’t easy, and it can be hard to get all the details in place, especially when it comes to getting your branding and visual presentation right. We’re glad we decided to go with Amberd for our graphics. The work they did will help our skincare products stand out among the crowd and grab the attention of our clients. There’s no doubt that the Ellora Cosmetics brand will be instantly recognizable thanks to the awesome graphics Amberd created for us. We love how fresh and modern the graphics are, and we’re really excited to see where our brand can go with the help of our stylish product packaging.

Ellora Cosmetics
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