ELT Motors

ELT Motors is a family-owned and operated car buying service in the Los Angeles area. Car shopping can be a tedious process, but ELT Motors makes it easy for their clients.

We were tasked with creating a logo and corporate identity design for ELT Motors. The company wanted to reflect the look and feel of the automotive industry with a sleek and sophisticated presentation.

Elt Motors Logo Design

The Logo Creation Process

The icon for the ELT Motors logo was inspired by industrial forms and the precision involved in the manufacture of a luxury automobile. We balanced the company’s brand name with an angular, dimensional design.

Elt Logo Design Process

Stationery Design

The stationery for ELT Motors resulted in a polished presentation of letterheads, envelopes and business cards that revolve around a cohesive aesthetic theme. The stationery set is both elegant and professional, which is perfect for a luxury services company.

Minimalist Stationery Design For Elt Motors.
Letterhead And Folder Design For Elt Motors