As Amberd Design Studio’s custom logo creation division, Logo Born creates tailor-made graphics to form the foundation of an organization’s visual identity.


Our identity for this project showcases precision. We wanted the design to reflect not only our process but also our talent, showcasing what we can do from the very first impression.

Identity Design Process

We were inspired by the geometry of the letters L and B for this icon design process. By breaking the letters down into component shapes, we were able to fuse the two and create a balanced, geometric blend of two disparate forms.

Logo Born, creative
Icon process

Stationery Design - Black Edition

The black edition stationery uses a sleek, neutral foundation to help the graphics shine. Yellow and white pop dramatically against black, creating an eye-catching modern effect.

Logo Born, black edition stationery
Black edition business cards
Black edition envelopes

Stationery Design - White Edition

We wanted to show a more traditional side with this stationery edition. White backgrounds create subtle negative space that supports the strong black and yellow of the brand’s identity in the foreground.

Minimalist white business cards
White edition envelopes
paper shopping bag

Stationery Design - Gold Edition

The strong, clean lines of the icon and logo balance perfectly with the luxe prestige of gold for this unique corporate stationery.

Gold edition stationery
Gold edition custom business cards


These projects for show prospective clients what our company can do for them. As an essential part of the branding process, logo creation requires just the kind of expertise and aesthetic sensitivity that we deliver to all our clients. From small businesses to charitable organizations, Logo Born dives deep into its clients’ operations to find visual inspiration for brand identity. These identity designs ultimately guide Amberd Design Studio’s web development process. Our designs for this in-house project highlight the sophistication and attention to detail that Logo Born itself brings to each client. The identity is strong, easily recognizable and symbolic of the qualities that define Logo Born as a company.