About the Client

Reebo’s Italian Pasta House is a local restaurant in Los Angeles, California. The restaurant offers delicious and authentic Italian cuisine in a relaxed but classy ambiance.

Project Requirements

The client needed a font-based logo that looked like spaghetti as well as a sleek design for their business cards, brochure menu and pizza box that matched their character and Italian heritage.

Reebo's Italian Pasta house logo
Reebo's Italian pasta business cards
Reebo's Italian food menu design
Reebo's Italian food menu design
Custom pizza box design
Pasta logo

Logo Design

Branding starts with a logo that tells a visual story of who the brand is. At Reebo’s they wanted something that looked like spaghetti, but in a classy way that would be easy to use across their branding. It needed to be font-based and easy to read. And, it couldn’t look forced but more reminiscent of the Italian cuisine the restaurant serves.

Business Card Design

The Reebo’s business cards are sleek, simple and easy-to-read. It’s a small and tangible way to send guests home with contact information and a reminder of the restaurant’s location and what it has to offer. The simple design communicates the restaurant’s Italian flare while communicating the key information housed on a business card.

Tri-fold Brochure Menus

Restaurants use tri-fold menus to advertise their business and offer visitors a simple way to order takeout. Our design is easy to read so patrons have no trouble choosing an entrée and ordering. But we also ensured it included attractive photos to serve as a good reminder of the delicious foods the restaurant offers for patrons who take it home as a reference.

Pizza Box Design

An Italian restaurant’s pizza box is more than just a way to transport food. It’s an outward marketing tool that invites others to stop by and give Reebo’s a try. Our pizza box design tantalizes the senses with fresh cut vegetables and a delicious photo of the pizza the restaurant offers. With hints of Italian flare, it showcases what the restaurant is all about.