Pacific Auto Body and Paint is an auto repair and maintenance shop that offers services such as collision repair, dent removal and a host of customization options, including custom paint.

Pab Logo Design Process

We, at Amberd Design Studio, created a full spectrum of custom design elements for Pacific Auto Body and Paint, including a responsive website, logo design, t-shirt graphics, and eye-catching triple-layered business cards.

Pab T-Shirt Design
Pab T-Shirt Design 02
Pab T-Shirt Design 03
Pab Layered Business Cards
Premium Layered Business Cards

Logo Design

The logo for Pacific Auto Body and Paint focuses on a simple, tasteful aesthetic that blends clean lines and simple graphics with a strong typeface that’s perfect for automotive repair business. There’s a slight nod to the mechanical in the simple design, keeping the overall effect polished and recognizable.

T-Shirt Graphics

Amberd created three t-shirt styles for Pacific Auto Body and Paint: two with a retro-inspired circular graphics and another with the modern logo style. All the designs capture the shop’s California heritage and its highly technical modern expertise. All the styles include subtle nods to the company’s automotive focus, either in the form of a stylized linear car illustration in the circular logo and the industrial feel of the modern option.

Triple Layered Business Cards

Rather than a standard thin business card, we opted to use a thick three-layer card for Pacific Auto Body and Paint. The dimensionality of these cards introduces a thin strip of red around the exterior perimeter and gives a sturdy feel to each individual card. We carried the edgy red, black and white color scheme throughout the entire card, culminating with a photographic image of a gull-wing sports car to enhance the finished style.

Website Design

We created a sleek, mobile-friendly website for Pacific Auto Body and Paint. The site features a prominent, uncluttered menu and a smooth overall user experience, giving site visitors the ability to quickly get the information they need.

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