logo design

A logo is the most conspicuous part of your business, branding, and identity. Thus, you need the masters of the art to provide you with the best graphics and theme possible.

It has been found:

1. 40% of all people identify a business with the help of visual art.
2. 62% of all businesses that fail in the first year have incomprehensible corporate art.

With our Los Angeles based team, you will hit the right design, the first time around.

special features:

  • Gorgeous graphics from scratch! You won’t find cliché clip art monstrosities with us.
  • In depth consultation with the client before providing mock ups or samples. We are experts at gauging your needs and translating them into stunning images and have years of experience operating in high competition Los Angeles.
  • Affordable pricing is our mantra! Our exceptional artwork starts from as little as $49.99
  • Proficient retouching of existing graphics and adept conversion from print to web format or vice versa without compromising quality.
  • Quick changes when requested! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. After all, every time your logo is viewed and appreciated, our craftsmanship is also lauded in the bargain.
  • A slew of popular and oft-used formats for the final product including .ai, .eps, .psd , .jpg, png, .gif, .pdf and .tiff

The creation process: What we do to make you smile

  1. As soon as we are approached at our Los Angeles office for a commission, we start the process off with an in depth interview. We can make it a Skype session or we can forward our exhaustive questionnaire to the client to fill out - it’s all about what is convenient for you!
  2. Next, we summarize this information for our benefit and if needed we supplement the gaps with our own research into the industry from which the business hails.
  3. We then go ahead and compare the profile of the company with other competitors in the market who are doing well and we investigate their logos in terms of concept, typeface, and color.
  4. Then comes the brainstorming. Our team sits down together in our Los Angeles office with all the necessary information and comes up with sample designs. Each one we choose needs to cover all the checkmarks of what the client expects from the company identity.
  5. We send over those samples to the client and wait for the final decision to roll in. If the client is hesitant or confused, we provide market targeted statistics and counseling.
  6. Finally, we make changes to the one that is approved by the client. This is the ultimate logo for the brand, the fruit of a long and intensive deliberation and design process.
  1. We kick off the process with a complete brief from you - the client! It is vital that we understand the root of the cause that has led to the decision of a re-launch. That decision is a major one, trust us.
  2. Next, we decide which parts of the components from the existing art can be integrated into the new design. A good example is the curlicue C of Coca-Cola. Over the decades, there have been many changes to the Coca-Cola insignia but that C has remained a permanent fixture. Generally, a good redesign retains 40% of the old one, so buyers can still relate to the well-loved brand image.
  3. Then we move on to experimenting with the primary colors, the accent colors, and the fonts associated with the new art to be created. These attributes are changed but not drastically in comparison to the existing logo.
  4. Finally, a number of proposed final products are presented to the client. Even at this stage, the client input is of the utmost importance to us. We make quick changes as and when requested to unveil the new look and feel of the brand.

Initialed - This combines your initials or those of your business with artistic flair. Not only does it make for an easy to remember symbol, it also carries the added benefit of associating your brand with an acronym or abbreviation that can act like a mnemonic device for consumers. Calvin Klein’s internationally recognizable symbol utilizes this design in a simple CK graphic.

Type Based or Word Mark - Entire words can be used to great effect to convey organizational ethics, ideals, and values, or can simply repeat the name of a business. Calligraphy is often employed to make text more visually stunning. The Coca-cola motif is one of the most recognizable graphics in the world and is based on a contrived pseudo-phrase.

Icon, Badge, Emblem, and Symbol - Few symbols are fuller of conceptual context than those founded in icons or other emblems. Graphic images can be employed to inspire emotion, devotion, and even feelings of affinity.  Volkswagen combines encircled and abstracted letters into a form that hearkens to the profile of their vehicles for a memorable badge unlike any other.

Mascot - Mascots are images that can be based on virtually any shape including animals, vegetables, minerals, and even elements. They are often synonymous with a culturally relevant concept like bravery, luck, or honor and are seen as charms, which impart beneficial qualities to their wearers. A good example of this type of symbolism is the jaguar associated with the Jackson, Florida football team that also inspired the group’s moniker.

Illustrative, Graphic, or Combination Mark - Illustrative icons are those that represent modern art in motion, often referred to as kinetic. It uses the perception of depth, movement, or transition to combine more than one visual element. The Farmer John mark provides an effective example of this, which features the representation of a farmer in front of distant green fields, bounded at the bottom by a banner proclaiming the company name and date of origin.

types of logos

What are the different types of logos created at Amberd?

With us, dear client, the sky is the limit! We create many different types of conventional ones including Initial Based, Type Based, Mascot, Illustrative, and Graphic. Other than these examples, we are not afraid of brainstorming and coming up with genre defining symbols, which defy convention. After all, every business type you could imagine operates in Los Angeles, and that is where we cut our teeth.

How many revisions do you provide with each commission?

For the Initial and Type package, we provide 10 revisions. For the Iconic and Symbolic deal, we provide 20 revisions. The rest of our packages come with the guarantee of unlimited revisions.

How many formats do you provide for the final graphics?

We provide the final deliverable in a number of widely used formats like .ai, .eps, .psd, .jpg, png, .gif, .pdf and .tiff. All editable source files are handed over to the client.

Please Note:

  • Adobe Illustrator - Majority of the logos are created with Adobe Illustrator. Some formats may not be provided depending on the type of projects and tools used. For example, if a graphic is created with Adobe Illustrator, we will only provide .ai OR .eps files unless you request both. We can also convert .ai or .ep files to Adobe Photoshop format (.psd), but you may lose some editability during the conversion. This is a byproduct of the conversion process.
  • Adobe Photoshop - If an image is created in Adobe Photoshop, we will not provide .ai or .eps files. Instead, we will provide a .psd file.

We understand the importance of a good logo and believe that it should be within the grasp of every business - startup or established. Thus, our packages are a fit for any budget. Click here to browse the options on offer.