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Smart analytics for wise brands

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Greater Exposure

Improve on-site experience, send positive signals to search engines, and get seen by clients

Identify Audience

Track visitors’ browsing habits, pain points, and preferences to better optimize your site

Track Conversions

Specify campaign events, monitor user journey from click to goal, and maximize revenue

Track Traffic Flow

See a visual depiction of sales funnel, pinpoint where leads drop off and plug these leaks


Website Audit and Testing

We perform an exhaustive website audit to understand your site, identify potential data transfer issues, and create an implementation plan that works.

Analytics Setup and Configuration

We choose the landing pages and site sections that should be monitored and install the tracking code while maintaining compatibility with existing technologies.

Post Installation Testing

After the implementation plan is executed, we run final tests to make sure that site data are being tracked and documented correctly.

Conversions and Goals

We select strategic site goals that align with your business objectives and set them up for concrete conversion tracking and monetization.

Solutions and Strategies

If results are not up to your expectations, we evaluate your entire funnel to provide solutions and strategies to boost your performance.
Web Analytics
of paid search and social advertising decisions are made strictly based on analytics data.
of businesses do not take full advantages of the data that analytics can provide.
of return on investment is based on decisions made with data.

If you don’t measure, you can’t improve!

Hire our Los Angeles-based analytics experts to boost your ROI with data.

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