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Adobe Illustrator has recently introduced a new beta mockup tool that is still undergoing improvements. Despite being in beta mode, the tool is highly capable of completing various tasks. It utilizes Adobe’s AI technology, known as Adobe Sensei.

This tutorial aims to guide graphic designers in using the tool to create professional mockups for their clients.

Let’s start! Make a mockup to impress our clients!

How to make a mockup in Adobe Illustrator

Let’s begin by opening a mockup image in Adobe Illustrator.

Next, place a label graphic or logo design on top of the mockup image.

Select the logo to resize and reposition it on the background mockup image as necessary.

Select The Mockup Image

If you need to rotate the logo, click on it to select it, and click on the Rotate icon that looks like a double-sided arrow found in the corners. Rotate the logo to your preferred angle if needed.

You can also select the label and move it around if you need to adjust it. Just like we did in the graphic below, but let’s undo that. We do not need these steps for our graphic because it works perfectly for our case. Depending on your graphic, you may have to play with this.

Illustrator Mockup Tool: Move The Graphic

Thanks to Illustrator’s AI capabilities, it can recognize the cup’s cylindrical shape and appropriately adjust the logo to fit perfectly so that you can make realistic mockups for your clients.

Ok, now let’s continue; please select both images, navigate to Object > Mockup, and click on Make, which will cause Illustrator to wrap the logo on the coffee cup.

Object, Mockup, Make

Let’s enhance it by adding dramatic and realistic effects by selecting the label design and going to the Transparency panel, changing the blend mode from Normal to Multiply.

Changing The Blend Mode From Normal To Multiply

It might be necessary to reduce the opacity level slightly in some instances, especially when working with clothing mockups; this will make the clothing texture more visible and realistic.

Play with it and see how it works for you; it will only work with certain types of mockups.

That is all! Now, you have a more authentic mockup with accurate lighting and shadows.

Mockup Made In Adobe Illustrator.

How Do I Release or Edit the Logo on the Mockup?

If you need to undo your mockup and replace your logo, you can go to Object > Mockup > Release.

This will release the logo from the background image, and you can replace it with a different graphic by repeating and reaping the mockup-making process above.

Also, If you need to edit its position, opacity, and blend mode, you can click on the Edit button and make adjustments to your graphic.

Edit Or Release The Mockup Made In Adobe Illustrator

The Mockup Panel

Illustrator also includes premade Mockup backgrounds that you can explore.

To do so, go to Window and Mockup to open the Mockup Panel. Here, you get the following categories:

  1. Apparel
  2. Branding Graphics
  3. Digital Devices
  4. Packaging

We’ll try the Branding Graphics, select the handback sample, and click the Edit on Canvas button.

Illustrator will automatically insert the background mockup image onto the canvas and put our logo on it.

Please note the hardback image is a low-quality version for demo purposes. If we need the high-resolution version, we need to purchase it by clicking on the shopping cart icon.

Next, we can change the blend mode from Normal to Multiply, just like we did with our coffee cup example above.

We will also lower the Transparency level to 97%

Make Mockup In Adobe Illustrator


In conclusion, Adobe Illustrator’s mockup tool, powered by Adobe Sensei’s AI technology, offers graphic designers a powerful and versatile solution for creating professional mockups.

The tool is highly capable, straightforward to use, and can assist designers in meeting their clients’ needs.

With this tutorial as your guide, you can confidently dive into the world of mockup creation and impress your clients with stunning designs. Get started today and unlock the full potential of Adobe Illustrator’s mockup tool!

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