LinkedIn Growth Hacks: How to Achieve Top Ranking

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When you are using a LinkedIn marketing strategy to connect with potential clients or employers or even to improve the reach of your social media marketing efforts, being on top is the name of the game.

Now, the best way to be seen and to increase views on the site, first and foremost, is by being active. No matter what you do, if you aren’t active then nothing will help. However, if you want to be highly ranked and in the number one spot for your field, you need to do a little bit more. In order to become a top person, one that is seen on the site, it is important to implement a bit of LinkedIn optimization, namely through strategies and growth hacks.

Go ahead, see for yourself. Getting to number 1 is easier than you think!

Method 1: Get Involved in Groups

You likely know that groups can help you be seen, simply because you have more contacts. Like all things on LinkedIn, growth hacks will help but… you have to be active in the groups for them to work. One way to do this is to be sure to post to your own page and then share those postings with any groups that you are part of and choose to share with. This will increase both your activity on the platform and allow you to be seen by many people that are also in your groups. You can post to multiple groups at once by sharing your own article that you have posted on your own page.

To do this, simply choose an article or post (preferably one that you wrote yourself or that will track back to you) using the “Share and Update” tool on your profile. Share your article and follow the next steps to share it with groups you follow.

  1. Click “Share” at bottom of your article you just posted on your profile.
    Share update
  2. Click on the “Post To Groups” checkmark
  3. Type the group names that you want to include your post (hint: Place it in groups that make sense for your purpose. Find all your groups by going through the alphabet so that you can find the right groups in an order that you can manage)
    Share on groups
  4. Add a title for your post
  5. (Optional) Include a comment under the “Details” section (hint: Ask a question or engage the audience with your comment)

Try to post to groups that will be reflective of who will be interested. For example, say you are a graphic designer and you want to share a post that you have written about marketing design, this topic may interest people of all fields, small businesses, and individuals. General articles are best to share because then you can share them with a broader audience.

Each of your groups will have a different number of people. The more groups you share to, you will have potentially thousands of people that will now see your post. This one step alone can be done in less than a few minutes and can bring in hundreds of views and interactions with others outside of your closest connections.

If you’d like to learn more about how group interactions can improve your LinkedIn marketing campaign, as well as other tips to boost your success, check out this article.

Method 2: Use View Karma

View Karma is an excellent site that can make sure that you’re seen and improves your LinkedIn marketing strategy by dramatically boosting the views that your profile gets.

1. Go to the “View Karma” group on LinkedIn.

You will need to request to join this group before proceeding to the View Karma website.

2. Go to

Once approved by the group, go to the site. On the home page click on “Active Member Viewer” button. Then, click on the “Click Here” button, next click on the “View 50 Profiles” button of the main page and the site will take you through the process. It allows you to view up to 50 profiles at first. It will continue to load new profiles. Make sure you disable your pop-up blocker before clicking on the “View 50 Profiles” button!

3. Add Yourself to the Directory

So long as you are approved by the group, you will then be able to add yourself to the directory once you have completed your search. When you add your name you go to the top of the list. This means that others that are also seeking to increase their views will see you first. Doing this once usually can guarantee you an additional 50 views to your page.

Method 3: Auto Endorse

Endorsing others is a great way to get noticed, as well as to get others to endorse you. However, going through your contacts one by one can be daunting and takes too much time. To efficiently endorse others, you can use browser extension.

The extension will make it easy to endorse people, one at a time. Try it for yourself. In Google Chrome Store search for “Linkedin Automate or Endorser.”

Once you have the extensions downloaded, head over to your profile and click on a first tier connection that you have not previously endorsed the skills of.

Scroll down the page so that you can see where they list their endorsements. When there, simply click on the extension button on your browser taskbar and follow the instructions.

This step can save you a lot of time and is often quite handy when trying to get others to endorse you. Often, people who are working on their own social media campaigns will simply be nice and send you endorsements back.

Method 4: Utilize Auto Connect

You have a lot of people already on your connections, but do you really have enough? Of course not! Finding natural brand new connections is difficult. Sometimes it is easier to simply go through who you may know and invite. A quick way to do this is to use scripts instead of doing this process manually.

First, you will want to be signed into your LinkedIn account through Google Chrome and be resting on the “People You May Know” page.

Once you are here, it is now time to use the script.

  1. Open DevTools: If you are in Chrome, you will only need to click Ctrl+Shift+I (or Cmd+Opt+I on MAC) to bring up the DevTools feature.
  2. Choose Console: The console allows you to choose your directions.
  3. Paste the below code and click enter on your keyboard. (Return for Mac users)

a = setInterval(function () {
}, 1000);

Script code

When you are done and you want to end the Auto Connect process past this code in the Console and click enter on your keyboard.


NOTE: Leave the DevTools open while your script does the endorsement work for you.

Once you do these four hacks you’re bound to see your own viewership increase as well as pronounced activity on your page. It is good to keep in mind that you should use these tools sparingly. Doing them all at one time or too rapidly can result in your IP address being temporarily blocked by LinkedIn for using automated scripts. Rather, you should do them each on different days, or do one growth hack, wait an hour, then do the next and then wait again, before doing the final one. Then, take a break. Don’t ever do them more than once a day.


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