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This Titanic Infographic was the first Infographic our team has worked on. Below we are showcasing our first work along with the drawing process of the ship.

The Titanic Infographic

The greatest shipwreck disaster of the Millennium rises to the surface, buoyed by hard facts!

This infographic delineates the fate of the RMS Titanic and the survivor stats. Visual is the way to go, and viewers can see for themselves how the first five sections of the ship flooded, lifting the stern out of the water and finally breaking the behemoth in two to sink into the abyss.

It also sheds light on the injustice that transpired onboard the ship. Only 38% of the first-class passengers lost their lives, whereas 77% of the crew and 75% of the third-class passengers gave up theirs!

Passenger category, number aboard, the number saved, and the number lost are all represented graphically for maximum impact and lucid understanding.

Informatninal source: Wikpedia

Infographic Titanic

The Drawing Process

The Titanic’s drawing process started with a detailed line rendition using Adobe Illustrator. Iconic features like the quartet of chimneys were given special attention.

Titanic Line Art Drawing

With the first phase completed, the second stage entailed bringing the illustration to life with realistic colors that closely matched the original ship’s palette. The end deliverable is a realistic impression of the mammoth and impressive vessel.

Titanic Illustration
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