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These free business cards are charming and whimsical, guaranteed to be a conversation starter. You can download them for free and alter or change them to fit your needs. Kids will get a kick out of having a business card of their own to show their skills. Use them for fun or encourage entrepreneurship for the Galaxy Gal or Flash the Monkey in your life.

Download the Photoshop (.psd) version and edit it at your leisure as our gift to you.


Who wouldn’t trust Supergirl to solve all their problems? This little lady fights crime and faces the world head-on while giving a whole new meaning to girl power!

Free Business Card Templates For Kids. Supergirl.

Flash the Monkey

Do you take charge but also want to remind others of your lighter side? For lightning, fast solutions, choose this free business card to show the world that you’re ready for action.

Download Free Business Card Templates. The Monkey Flash.

Joe the Plumber

Joe flies high above the rest, and he’s handy too! While you may be the “average man,” you know your skills are super.

Funny And Fun Business Card Templates. Jose The Plumber.

Mister Pixel

He blends into any scene and makes the world alive on a screen! This business card is best for creative geniuses and digital dynamos.

Free Superhero Business Card Mockup. Mister Pixel.

Galaxy Gal

She doesn’t have her head in the clouds; she’s dreaming about what’s beyond the horizon. She’s making solutions for tomorrow! Show the world that you think big and have the solutions to their problems.

Fun Business Card Template. Galaxy Gal.

For additional free business card designs see our post: Free PSD Business Card Templates

How do I download it?

Please click here to Like our Facebook page and Contact Us for the files. After confirmation, we will email you the requested files.

Why go through this process?

It takes a lot of time and effort to create free, quality resources, and we need your support to continue making new files.

Thank you for the support!

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