3 Must Know SEO Tips for Beginners

By 08/29/2016SEO

You have your business website up and you’re ready to start dealing with the sales. But you’re still waiting for sales to happen. The few visitors you had seemed uninterested in your product. You are already doing all the basic SEO right – you’ve used proper keywords, you’ve built some backlinks, and you’ve starting following general SEO practices like using ALT tag with images etc. But that’s not enough. If you want to find potential buyers, you need to take your website on the first page in search results for your keywords. If that happens, you’ll have more visitors and some of them will buy your products.

The tips you will learn below are for everyone to use. Remember, SEO is no rocket science and even if you’re just beginning your online journey, you can still be pretty good at it. Practice these advanced techniques and you’ll never need another pro to help you with Search Engine Optimization.

Tip 1: Know the difference between pre-Panda and post-Panda

If you don’t already know, this quick introduction to Google Panda will help you understand the current situation with Search Engine Optimization. Panda was a major Google update that included a change in its core algorithm, which is used for ranking websites. The change, followed by Penguin update, helped websites with quality content to rank higher compared to websites with crap content. Moreover, the change pushed out websites with massive and spam linking. The good news is that you can get your website ranked pretty quickly if you understand how things work in the post-Panda situation. Here are three important things that you need to focus NOW even though you weren’t probably focusing them before Panda.

  • Quality of content
  • Relevance of content and backlinks
  • No spamming
Google Panda

Tip 2: Be more personal with Google Author

If you have been watching the internet grow, you’d definitely know how Google started with an experimental search engine and went on to dominate everything search related on the internet. Now, Google is implementing Author tag within search results. It gives you prominence within other results as your photo appears next to search results. At the same time, it increases SEO value of your pages with author attribute.

Rel Author tag associates content with your Google profile and gives you higher page rank. When another website links to your content to benefit through link bait, the tag tells the search engine not to give any credit to the destination of the link.

Tip 3: Benefit from order of link importance

Google gives importance to your links on the page in a certain way. Links within content gets the top priority, those in header come after it, and links in the sidebar get the third highest priority. These are followed by comments and footer. Clearly, links in the content are the most valuable links and you should spend your Search Engine Optimization budget and energies to get these links from quality websites. Try getting editorial links if you can.

These tips may seem like ‘advanced’ but they are really easy to implement. Once you do so, you will see a definite rise in the visibility of your website.

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