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Rome wasn’t built in a day! And you can’t create a stunning logo in seconds! A great logo is like a proud monolith. It is developed in stages.

That’s why we are giving you this Logo Design Tips Infographic as a guide for a successful logo design.

  1. In the first stage, an impressive design that is describable, scalable, and, most importantly, can hold its own without color is picked.
  2. In the next stage, experience comes knocking as the designers try to put to good use the “Dos and Don’ts” they picked up from the previous projects!
  3. Preparation is the key here! A design brief can help organize thoughts and bring to the forefront desirable values the brand is to represent.
  4. The final touch is eye-catching, yet harmonious colors and font variation to achieve impact. This handy logo design infographic even showcases some of the most popular fonts to help kick-start the creative process.
Logo Design Tips, Infographic.

A few logo design facts

Average cost for professional design
Number of logos made per contest that are worth nothing
Number of contest running right now
Equivalent years of design work done without pay
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