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We are looking for advanced, step-by-step tutorials and how-to guides only!

1. Your content MUST be in-depth and provide clear instructions with screenshots and other graphics.

2. Your Content MUST provide solutions to problems and show steps on how to successfully achieve the goals.


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Social Media

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  1. The first rule is, follow our rules. We have guidelines for a reason and if any of these guideless are ignored, your pitch will also be ignored. It is that simple!
  2. Your content must be well research, provide sources, examples, and solitons to problems.
  3. Provide really good titles, we pay extra attention to the titles when reviewing your pitch. Your titles must not be misleading. Please read our blog post about how to write a good title if you are not sure.
  4. We want detailed, intermediate or advanced level content! Nothing basic.
  5. The word count must not be less than 2000 words, more is good, less is bad.
  6. We are searching for posts that teach useful information to our readers. All content must be 100% original. We’re not looking for copies or paraphrased articles! What we do want is new information, topics that have been covered several times by other authors or blogs will get rejected.
  7. We are mainly Interested in Evergreen content, if your content becomes outdated in the future, you will be contacted to update your content. If failed to update, the post will be removed or the backlink will change to nofollow.
  8. If your main goal is to get a backlink to your site, your requests will be ignored. First, you must think about providing quality content, then a link back to your site. 
  9. In addition to the requirements above, all submissions should include an author bio that is approximately 2-3 sentences in length. The bio link cannot be keyword stuffed. You must use your business name or a direct website link as an anchor text. You may also include up to two social media links in the bio.

Writing Style:

Visual Media:

  1. We want conversational, 2nd person writing.
  2. Avoid using passive voice.
  3. Absolutely no jargon or slang!
  4. Full knowledge of English language, grammar, and punctuation.
  5. You will be provided with a content stricture and layout template to follow.
  1. We strongly suggest you include relevant pictures, illustrations, infographics, screenshots, videos etc… with your content. However, we might choose to use our own media.
  2. All visual media must be yours or royalty free.
  3. Image width should be 1000px or bigger.
  4. Include all the images in a word document and also send them separately in a compressed .zip format

What We Publish:

What We Do Not Publish:

  1. In-depth articles or tutorials
  2. How-to guides
  1. Tip-based articles
  2. Reviews
  3. Anything basic!

Terms and Conditions:

Any submissions to Amberd Design Studio, that are approved and posted will be used at the discretion of the said company. By sending, you agree that all images, text or video can be posted on the company site or social media sites, either in part or whole, now or any time in the future. Please note that we have the right to edit any or all submitted content.

Featured images/videos will be hosted on Amberd Design Studio’s servers. We do not accept responsibility for media copyrights. You must own any media that you submit and it cannot be copyrighted. You will retain ownership of images/videos. All text submissions will become the property of Amberd Design Studio. We promise that if we do publish your piece that we will not remove the link to your blog or website while it is being displayed by Amberd Design Studio.

The only reason we will remove the link is if you do not cooperate with us when contacted to update your outdated content.

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