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Learning to draw is easy but becoming good at it will require time, effort, and above all, strong observation. If you have already started learning graphic design, these tips will prove out to be a great help.

These graphic design tips are about design theory since this is often the missing link, separating a talented artist from a trained artist.

  • Typography: Typography is one of the most important elements of any graphic design. In order to create a visually pleasing graphics, consider using contrast between text blocks and surrounding empty space in your typography. You can also create excellent visuals using contrast between one font and other.
Apple Typography
  •  Use grid-based approach: When creating websites, you have to make sure that you use a grid-based approach. Usually, novice enthusiasts want to stay unorganized for some reason. If you want to create stunning visuals, grids are one of the basic things of graphic design. Learn using grids and you will see how you can make your regular designs look great. The grid-based approach also helps you to create a structural balance in your art.
Graphic Design Tips
  •  Keep it simple: One of the most important lessons that you will ever receive is to keep it simple. If you go over the board, your designs may not achieve their purpose. Creating a simple design will not only help you to make it look elegant but it will also help you to engage your audience.
  • Keep the balance: Always create a balance between text and design, resulting in excellent readability. If a graphic fails to keep the balance, it will be considered a bad design if not anything else.
  •  Know your audience: Knowing your audience is important. You will be creating graphics for the audience, and not just to please your own eyes. When you know your audience, you will be able to target them in your artwork.
  •  Learn business marketing: Although business marketing has no direct link with graphic design, it is important that you learn it. When you know business marketing, you will naturally understand how your design can influence a business.
  • Learn color theory:  Learn color theory in order to create excellent graphics. You will have to learn about basic color schemes and understand how to set moods with colors. You can attract attention, change modes, and even make statements using colors. If you learn how to use proper colors in your graphic, you will have far more control on the impact of artwork.
Color Wheel For Graphic Designers
  • Know the principles: Learn about alignment, balance, contrast, repetition, consistency, gestalt, white space, and other basic elements. Without knowing these fundamentals, you will not be able to achieve results from your work.
  • Revise and improve: Get some outside opinion about your work. Revise the graphic and improve it if needed. Make a habit of revising each work at least once before using it.

Graphic Design Tips Infographic

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Infographic: Graphic Design Tips 101

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