How to Set Up an E-Commerce Business in 5 Simple Steps

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An e-commerce business seems like the hot ticket to easy money. And why not? More than 60% of the billions-strong world population has thronged to the bounty and convenience of the net to get some shine on their dreams and buy a little entrepreneurial spirit.

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You can actually set up your own business if you follow five very simple steps

  1. Use the free Google Adwords tool to know what the online shopping community is looking for! Remember your e-commerce business doesn’t necessarily have to be products. It can be a services portal too, like say Mellbe’s Pricing Packages. The bottom line is it should be catering to the demands of a large clientele! Because more demand = more money!
  2. After you have more or less identified what your niche is going to be, you need to take the critical decision. Should you float your own brand independently or should you work under the auspices of virtual marketplaces like eBay or Amazon or Shopify? If you go independent, you can reach out to many people as an individual brand of consequence. Your logo can become your identity. If you take the safe route by registering with an online portal for a virtual storefront, you can cash in on an established name but can’t get that first hand recognition.
  3. An e-commerce business is synonymous with online payments! With awareness on the rise, the next task in front of you is to get your website certified and enforce SSL encryption. If you are an independent web store, then you just can’t do without foolproof payment options! The forerunner is PayPal and it will do newbies a world of good to read up about it! Although not directly related to payment options, a good e-commerce site simply can’t afford to have malware or dead links. It is all a part of building goodwill and ranking high on Google search results! A regular maintenance and tune-up regime has to be invested in!
  4. By now, we assume that you have your website organized and looking gorgeous. Well written SEO-friendly content and pertinent images conveying the essence of the business are very much needed if you are to make an impact. Visual appeal and navigability are work in progress. They frequently need to be tweaked to ensure adherence to latest developments! With the site structure in place, you can start your quest for a drop shipping company of repute. Drop shipping beats keeping inventory and delivery hassles and can be the cheat’s way to easy online success!
  5. Finally, it boils down to marketing! The more innovative you can get with the way your message reaches people like e-mail campaigns and PPC (Pay Par Click) options, the more interest to sales conversions you can expect! Perfect landing pages and customized Facebook pages can catapult your e-commerce business into the big league if done exactly right!

It may turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime with minimal risks! The virtual world is replete with stories of dreamers who have taken their ideas online and changed their lives forever! You can be the next prodigy! It’s doable!

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