An infographic is the medium of choice for presenting dry or academic data, which has little visual appeal and ranks low on the “interest” quotient. It can introduce color and impact into your marketing mix and since we hail from Los Angeles, our services score top points in this regard.

what can you acieve with it?

  • Visually appealing deliverables, which go viral with ease.
  • Lucid data representation structures.
  • Impeccable and engaging language.
  • Complete understanding of the mission behind the infographic and accurate translation of the same into the final product.
  • Creative data visualization and the interesting rendition of dry information with ease.

Sounds really awesome right? We know! Just to make the deal irresistible, we are affordable too! Just get in touch with us at our conveniently local Los Angeles phone number, and let us get your company out in the market in a big way.

An Infographic can:

  1. Hold the interest of buyers by putting a twist on the same old rehashed content about the company.
  2. Go viral with ease and your brand gets to come along for a great free ride.
  3. Increase traffic to a website by about 150% on average.
  4. Increase leads by about 200% on average.
  5. Be shared on all Social Media platforms and can be easily shared thus integrating your business campaign.

Process and Creation

  1. We start the process by gathering copious amounts of information from the client and independent resources. No one can predict why something is “contagious” and goes viral. The more data we source, chances are we will hit on something worthwhile to share with the crowd.
  2. A good infographic always tells a story. The structure of data to be laid out is of the utmost importance. After the relevant information is in place, it is time to listen hard so the stirrings of the tale we will help you tell speaks to the mind of the consumer. We are experts at gauging what will work and what won’t! Using this mix of intuition and experience, we will come up with the perfect hierarchy of information to be adopted for the particular commission.
  3. We then deliberate over specifics, including whether the final piece will be horizontal or vertical and what is the most effective choice of font and color. We always check the latest industry trends and proceed accordingly.
  4. Last but not least, we come up with a catchy headline for the piece of art, something that is easy to remember, is hip, and is actually relevant to the content. We know that the target audience of such a campaign is the social media dwellers and from that perspective, our work is full of “tweetable” snippets and sharable graphics.

Q1: How long does it take to get an infographic created?

The specific timeline depends upon the complexity of the project, but we guarantee that we won’t let you stew in frustration while we work at a snail’s pace. It will be fast service with exceptional quality.

q2: How can I use one?

These are versatile tools of creative data visualization. They can be used for online marketing of a brand, product promotion, brand building, resumes, maps, fliers, blogs, and a myriad of other online and offline ventures.

Q3: What is needed from the client?

The client must provide us with the basic intended theme, all the relevant data, statistics, and notes in an organized manner. We use the content provided to create a final piece that is colorful, interesting, and capable of going “viral.”