Creativity adds soul to otherwise dull design. Creativity is endless, and that's what pushes good artists to come up with something unique every time they create something new. Logo Design requires just that kind of creativity; the one that adds life to simple text and images. Embrace the cutting-edge of artistic logo design with Los Angeles inspired graphics.

Cover of the portfolio
Initial and Type
Page 1: Felliny Graphics and eflag

Initial and Type Based

When Emperor Constantine made his conversion to Christianity in the year 312, it was because he saw letters written in the sky. The first few letters of Christ’s name were enough to compel him to take on the symbol as his standard. Two millennia in the future, those text-based symbols are still as easily understood and recognized today as they were back then. If what you want is a clear, simple icon to represent your brand, initial and type based graphics can provide you with a logo that has the potential to remain relevant for as long as our language exists.

Page 2: Brick Killow, Glendale Driving School
Page 3: Raf Style DJ, Matt Franta and GMS network
Page 4: FX7 media group, Menua Holdings and Itt insurance
Page 5: Wall Tutoring, Jeeno, and A. Bros. Express
Page 6: BlackBook Events, ellora, and A.B. learning center
Page 7: Green Life, eflex and Arag Toms
Iconic, Symbolic and Badge
Page 8: ECLS and Paros

Icons, Symbols and Badges

Many would say that the ability to walk on two feet, exceptionally large brain size, or even advanced tool use is what sets humans apart from the rest of the apes and animals. However, those things all exist, to one degree or another, in many other species. What separates humans from the rest of Earth’s stock is symbolism. In the modern era, that great wealth of symbolic culture can be leveraged to create relevant and compelling logos to represent your brand and translate your message without the need for words.

Page 9: Presidental auto leasing and Armine's creations
Page 10: Intellect and Revved Financial Group
Page 11: Siberian Entertainment and Hippo 4


Mascots hold a special place in the hearts of virtually every American. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that does not have a fond memory of the silly antics of their costumed symbol of school pride. Animal and human icons are able to convey deep meaning on subjects like values, admirable traits, and community expectations. Those that are able to harness the powerful mental images that mascots represent can use their logos to inspire emotion and build affinity long before the buyer decision process begins.

Page 12: Clever shadow, olympianic and Doolloo ice cream
Page 13: Deer Gaze
Illustrative and Graphic
Page 14: Dolphin Wald and Lyme Junction

Illustrative and Graphic

When the monk Alcuin introduced the modern form of writing in the 8th century, it revolutionized the way people read. Until then, there were no spaces between words and people were expected to read aloud. His innovations made it possible to read silently, but it also made writing a visual art form. From that tradition comes some of the most amazingly detailed illustrated manuscripts, and the association with copying the bible meant symbolism was at the heart of it all. Choosing an illustrative graphic to represent your brand means you can draw from the wisdom and knowledge that has been building brands since the Middle Ages.

Page 15: The Miracle Speed Cure, Tomy Gray gramaphones and toonbike
Page 16: Dove-e mobile applications and Allo telecommunications
Page 17: Happy Tad and Mine Couture
Page 18: Monet Leavdelly, blue wings and logo born
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