photo manipulations

Enter the realm of the surreal where colors and textures take on a new dimension. These manipulated photos showcase the most diverse set of techniques to achieve the divine from the common! 

Portrait of Ani TumanyanEndless Vision. Portrait of Ani Tumanyan.Darkness Within. Portrait of Ani Tumanyan.A Flash In the NightA Piece of World (Light Blue). Poster Design.A Piece of World (Graphs). Poster Design.Poseidon. Portrait of Emin Sinanyan.A Screen Behind the MirrorAbsence of FearNot in this LifetimeCommunion. Portrait of Emin Sinanyan.Andromache of Thebe Under PlakosFurther and Beyond. Portrait of Suzy.Beyond the Mirror. Portrait of Suzy.Beyond the Invisible. Portrait of Suzy.Beyond the Shadows. Portrait of Suzy.Beyond the Mirror. Portrait of Suzy.Coca- Cola Advertisement. Portrait Suzy.Beyond the HorizonBite of LifeCan You Puzzle? Digital Mosaic.Coca- Cola AdvertisementCoca- Cola AdvertisementAndromache on the Coce Bottle | Coca-Cola AdvertisementCreative Ideas. Poster Design.The Thinker. Portrait of Emin Sinanyan.Deja Vu | Beyonce Knowles.Deja Vu | Beyonce Knowles.El MariachiEl MariachiFlashbackFlown AwayResurrection. Portrait of Emin Sinanyan.Inside of MeStrange Kind of a ManMoonlight Shadow. Portrait of Nicole Kidman.Digital Oil Painting in Van-Go Style. Portrait of Nicole Kidman.Portrait of Nicole KidmanPortrait of Nicole KidmanFruit of LIfeNight FairyGravity of FearInvisible MessageMeanings Lost. Portrait of Emin SinanyanPortrait of Armen AtomtsSufferingBecouse I Loved. Portrait of Emin SinanyanReturn to Innocence. Portrait of Kate Beckinsale.Return to Innocence. Portrait of Kate Beckinsale.The Man Who Had a Dog. Edward Norton form the 25th hour.The BiginningThe MaskThe MaskMade In Heaven. Portrait of Emin Sinanyan.Under Million StarsVenusThe Return of the Prodigal Son.  Portrait of Emin Sinanyan.Where is the Mouse? Digital Woodcut Painting.Where is the Mouse? Part 2. Digital Woodcut Painting.White NoiseMotherless ChildDeaf Shriek. Portrait of Emin Sinanyan.MIllion Dreams. Portrait of Emin Sinanyan.MIllion Dreams. Portrait of Emin Sinanyan.Feed It Don't Eat It. Poster Design for Animal Rights